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The Full Story

About us

Happycurious, born from the creative synergy of a Portuguese couple based in the UK, passionate about all things related to food, beverages, hospitality, marketing and photography.

We've poured our dedication and expertise into creating this comprehensive platform that caters specifically businesses in the hospitality sector and also serves as a captivating portfolio and engaging food blog.

Prepared to be inspired as you embark on a journey of taste and creativity with Happycurious!

The concept

It all began with this guy 👉 

Mr. Epicurus was an Ancient Greek philosopher who founded the Epicureanism, a system of philosophy that the main focus was pursuing happiness and pleasure through the good little things of life that are not necessarily expensive, or hard to achieve. 

If you devote yourself to going out and eating fine foods, it's because of your epicureanism. Although today this word is commonly used to mean 'dive' into excessive pleasurable activity, that's not the way Epicurus described his philosophy.


In fact, he emphasised the importance of a simple life and quiet pleasures. ​ 

For him, the pleasure was to be obtained through things such as:

  • Community

  • Friendship

  • Knowledge

  • Living a virtuous life

  • Living a temperate life

  • Moderation in all things

By considering ourselves both Epicureans and curious individuals, we have named our project "Happycurious" to reflect the joy derived from the little, meaningful aspects of life that bring happiness and fulfillment. 

Meet the couple

Andreia Oliveria founder marketer copywriter social media manager happycurious

Andreia Oliveira

Digital Marketing Specialist, Copywriter, Social Media Manager, Content Creator, Foodie

Studied Marketing Management with focus on Digital Marketing and E-Commerce with over 5 years of experience in Marketing for luxury hospitality brands.


Storyteller, creative and passionate about food, travel and all things digital.

Also enjoys cooking, yoga & meditation, walking in the nature and reading.

Tiago Bastos Founder Happycurious hopsitality professional bar manager content creator

Tiago Bastos

Bar Manager, Content Creator, 

Photographer, Cocktail Maker, Foodie

Studied hospitality, food & beverage operations management with more than 10yrs in this industry and recently studying more and diving into Digital Marketing.


Passionate about photography and video, preferably related with F&B, hotels, street photography and portraits.

Also enjoys traveling, cooking, driving, surfing and skating.

Meet the couple
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